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Vision, Mission and Values
Pertex Corporation is a customer-focused company. Its business vision is to be the supplier of choice to its customers. Our mission is to work closely with our customers to provide the right product solution for each unique applicationas understanding that each market and application has its own set of demands.
Pertex Corporation key values are :
Cost Competitive - Continuous improvement to become the lowest cost producer of high quality products and Deliver what we promise with consistency.
Results Driven - Our core business activities will be high performing, profitable and focused on customer satisfaction.
Customer Focused - We will undertake our customers' diverse challenges to deliver sustainable solutions. Focus on customer satisfaction, total quality and reliability
Integrity - Our employees will conduct themselves in a manner which exemplifies respect, honesty, accountability and reliability.
Innovative - We will instill a pioneering spirit and continuously develop new and technologically advanced solutions and initiatives.
Open communications - We will foster open communications, both internally and externally.
Global Sourcing - We will source the best quality product for our respective customers in different industries.
Receptive To Change - We will see opportunities, remove barriers and commit to improvement. We will work hard to build acceptance and engagement through collaboration, engagement and inclusion.

Strategic Overview

Our world changing fast. Global population is rising rapidly. There is growing pressure on resources. Climate change and rising energy prices have created a need for new lower carbon energy sources. All of this is driving the transition towards a resource and energy efficient economy and the chemical industry has a central role to play in enabling this shift.

Chemicals are the building blocks for our modern world. They are essential components in many of the products we use today and in the technologies that will derive us towards a more sustainable future.

At Pertex Corporation, sustainability is fundamental to how we do business. It is a key driver of innovation.
Pertex Corporation is
committed to sustainable
chemical supply